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Established in 1996, Haven is a weekly independent gothic/industrial/dark alternative dance event in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Haven is hosted by DJ Penelope and features guest DJs from Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, and abroad as well as up & coming DJs from within the community.
The Haven DJs maintain an easy balance between the familiar classics and the cutting edge, sometimes breaking music years ahead of the pack.

Check out our DJ PAGE in the INFO SECTION to learn more about our regular and upcoming guest DJs with links to their personal pages.



Haven is also known for its parties. Once or twice a month theme nights draw out the best and worst in all of us, with costume contests, games, prizes, surprises, and 'unmentionable brouhaha'.

Check out our EVENTS PAGE in the INFO SECTION to learn more about our various special events with details and flyers.

Occasionally we have the opportunity to present a live music show at Haven. We import top quality sound support and host some of the brightest and best acts the subculture has to offer. These include top international acts like the Cruxshadows, Rasputina, Bella Morte, Razed In Black, Funker Vogt, Das Ich, Voltaire, Sister Machine Gun, Ego Likeness, Thou Shalt Not, and Imperative Reaction. Haven has also featured performances by New England based future superstar acts like You Shriek (Boston), Q, Battery Cage (now on Metropolis Records), One Of Us (Boston), Incus (Boston), Fluttr Effect, and Collapse Into Reason.

Check out our MUSIC SECTION to learn more about the various performers we've had with links to their websites.

We encourage local and international artists and craftpersons and offer opportunities to exhibit and vend at Haven.

Some of those we support have their links listed in our LINKS SECTION.

Independent musicians are also encouraged to submit their music if they wish. They can reach us from the CONTACT SECTION with their cd releases (but please remember, quality counts - we won't play bad masters over the sound system.)

Welcome to Haven. Come by anytime!

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